'Fairy Tail' Chapter 499 Predictions: Juvia's Death Might Push Gray To Join The Dark Side

Prepare yourselves "Fairy Tail" fans as thing might get heartbreaking between Gray and Juvia in the series' chapter 499.

Fans of the hit franchise "Fairy Tail" has been anticipating what lies ahead after an intense battle between Invel Yura and Gray in chapter 498. In the said battle, Invel revealed that Gray has a strong force of darkness within him. Will Gray be able to unleash the said darkness in the next chapter?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The Gray-Juvia Battle

 According to Daily Anime Art, "Fairy Tail" chapter 499 will more likely begin with a fight scene between Gray and Juvia. Since the two were under Invel's Ice Lock attack, they have no control over their body. The said attack sealed their minds and basically turned them to puppets. The only way out of the Ice Lock is when one of them dies. Because of this, Juvia will sacrifice herself in order to save Gray. Her death was believed to trigger the darkness within Gray.

Juvia's act surprised Invel. He didn't expect something like this occur. In a an attempt to stop Juvia's plan, Gray released an ice blade attack which hurts himself and Juvia at the same time. Both lay on the ground motionless.

With time running out, Juvia decided to cast a magic that will transfuse her blood on Gray. She goes on to say that she'll be living inside him from now on. Gray cries his heart out knowing that he lost a very special person.

Because of Juvia's action, Gray was able to get back on his feet and confronted Invel, enraged more than ever. He has never been this angry before. Could this lead to a more intense battle against Invel? Or is there going to be an unexpected twist?

What to expect next?

The series of events that will take place in "Fairy Tail" chapter 499 will lead to many possibilities. Fans speculate that Juvia's death will trigger Gray's decision to join the dark side. While others speculate that the incident will only make Gray despise the enemy and seek revenge for Juvia's death. Plus, based on reports, the powerful END might reveal its full potential in the next chapters to come.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 499 is set to release on Aug. 31.

So what do you think? Will Gray seek revenge? Will he betray the guild instead and join the dark side? Leave a comment below.

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