'Attack On Titan Season 2' Updates And Spoilers: Production Kicks Off, Set To Retell Titans' Backstory

'Attack On Titan' Season 2 has finally started production and guess what? New spoilers have been keeping fans on the edge. Following reports that the second season will not faithfully follow the events in the manga, it's been revealed that it will tell more on how the titans started appearing.

This is a both a bad news and a good news. A back story in the existence of Titans will mean more flashbacks. This could also mean less story development. On the other hand, everyone is also very curious about what happened to the world before the walls. Let's just hope the production team can balance it out well.

According to reports from Parent Herald, the plot of the Season 2 will not deviate from what fans already know based on what they read on the manga (much to everyone's excitement) and instead will follow an independent story line. Many are suspecting that Eren Jaeger will be kidnapped by the Reiss family so Historia Reiss (Krista Lenz' real identity) could get the "Coordinate," probably something that controls Titan's power, back to their possession.

"Attack on Titan" Season 2 is expected to introduce more Titans. Among them are Zeke, an intelligent Titan who can transform like Eren; and the Beast Titan and Armored Titan, which are larger and more powerful than any Titan we have seen on Season 1. The more shocking news is- these Titans were suposedly hiding on the walls that people have built for protection.

It is also reported that many members of the Survey Corps will die due to Wren's infamous hard headedness. Other important scenes to expect, inquisitr reported, include an uprising headed by Captain Erwin Smith, and more involving the background of the Reiss family.

'Attack on Titan' Season 2 is expected for release early next year.

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