'Stranger Things,' 'Parks And Rec' Connection Confirmed: Jean-Ralphio Is Indeed Steve’s Son

Did that breezy cool attitude of Steve Harrington (played by Joe Kerry) in 'Stranger Things' also gave you a very familiar feel? Speaking in 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' Ben Schwartz (playing Jean-Ralphio in Parks and Recreation) confirmed theory that his character is related to Steve.

On the program, Entertainment Weekly reported that Schwartz coyly said he wouldn't tell anything- before obviously nodding to the inquiry if his character is indeed Steve's son.

Steve Harrington is Nancy Wheeler's boyfriend in "Stranger Things" who is famous for his bad boy image. At first, he seems a little arrogant but he is actually loyal and fights for those whom he cares about.

Schwartz further theorized that Jean-Ralphio acts the way he is because of the traumatizing events that Steve and Nancy went through in the first season of "Stranger Things." And when the baby was born, Schwartz said, "He probably sang, and he had way too much hair..."

He said Jean-Ralphio lived half of his life in Upside Down before moving to Pawnee, Indiana, a fictional town in "Parks and Rec," Entertainment Weekly further explained.

"He was super chill, super cool in the Upside Down... He was super friends with the monster. When he met the monster, it was like a little kid. By the time it was a full-blown monster, they had a dance together," he added.

His claim was later confirmed by Mike Schur, co-creator of "Parks and Rec" on Twitter saying that "Steve is definitely his real dad," Polygon reported.

Schwartz, a big fan of the series also joked he would appear on the second season of "Stranger Things," which Netflix hasn't even announced yet. The critically acclaimed series is one of the most watched in Netflix so a second installment is very much expected. Reports from IGN also says that "Stranger Things" creators, Mat and Ross Duffer are planning to create a video game that leads to the season two.

Now, is Stranger Things secretly a prequel to Parks and Rec?

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