'Captain America' As The Nomad in 'Avengers:Infinity Wars: A Friend or Foe?'

We all felt that something's up at the ending of Captain America: Civil War- a broken Iron Man suit, Tony Stark and Captain Steve Rogers fighting to the death, and of course, Captain America dropping his shield. Fans are asking if they are still going to see Steve Rogers in "Avengers: Infinity Wars."

Huffington Post revealed in an interview the directors Joe and Anthony Russo confirmed that the dropping of the shield signifies that the Cap is letting go of his identity as Captain America. He knew that his personal choice - choosing to protect his friend Bucky Barnes and his resistance to the Sokovia Accords , affects the image that he carries.

So what's next for Steve Rogers? According to The Week, fans of the Chris Evans do not need to worry, the Steve Rogers is going to be back in "Captain America: Infinity Wars," but not as Captain America.

According to the Russo brothers, there's a reason why the Cap was not killed in Captain America: Civil War. The team still needs him. It is rumored that there's a new villain that's going to make the life of the Avengers quite miserable. He is a "big purple guy" known as Thanos. There's a possibility that this threat is going to be enough to convince Steve Rogers to join the Avengers again. But there are rumors that he will not return as Captain America and that he is going to use a new moniker - Nomad.

It seems that they are taking this idea from Marvel Comics where Captain America abandoned this moniker to use the name Nomad during a time when he lost all faith in the government he saves. The Morning Ledger reported that the story line was likely taken from Captain America issue #180. The Cap also gave up his name and shield when he discovered that the government is responsible for a secret terrorist group known as the Secret Empire.

One thing's for sure, fans can't wait to see Avengers: Infinity Wars to see how things will turn out for the Captain and the rest of Avengers.

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