'Destiny' In Microsoft Store: Free Trial If 'Destiny: The Collection' Is Purchased; Free PvP Match Access Too!

"Destiny" seems to be free for download from the Microsoft Store but players are suggested to read on the label carefully. Only the trial mode of the game and not the whole version of it comes free. In order to play the complete version of the game, players must first purchase "Destiny: The Collection."

Bungie clarified that the free listing from the Microsoft Store is only applicable for the trial version of "Destiny." The original full adventure, "Destiny: The Collection," is suggested to be launched alongside its new expansion, "Destiny: Rise of Iron." Additionally, the new DLC pack and every other major DLC updates released previously will be included in the "Destiny" package as one according to Bungie.

Meanwhile, Bungie's world design lead on "Destiny," Steve Cotton revealed that they will not be removing the matchmaking raids from the game. However, Cotton implied that they have been thinking about removing the feature. This multiplayer aspect of the game has allowed players to create raid teams but requires much effort from the players.

Reports claimed that this feature of the game hinders some players with busy schedules in playing "Destiny." This is because the matchmaking raid requires players to use third party websites or coordinate with other friends and players in order to form their raid teams. This may be difficult for casual players of the game, reportedly.

However, the matchmaking raid in "Destiny" is no longer available currently. Since Cotton already implied that they have been thinking about removing them, it still remains to be seen whether the matchmaking raid will still stay on table.

"Destiny: The Collection" is set to see a private PvP match through the "Destiny: Rise of Iron" DLC. This feature from the upcoming DLC offers free access to the PvP match which means that player will not have to purchase anything just to get access.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" is scheduled to be release for Xbox One and PS4 on the Sept. 20. Watch "Destiny: The Collection" official trailer here.

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