'Empire' Season 3 Spoilers, News And Updates: New Characters And Death Rumors Confirmed; Series To Face Copyright Lawsuit

"Empire" season 3 will make its comeback in less than a month, promising its fans with must-watch episodes.

The upcoming installation of the hit TV series has a lot of surprises in store for its viewers. From introducing new characters to witnessing a character's death and even a real life lawsuit- everything will put the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Meet The New Characters In "Empire" Season 3

 A recent report claims that new characters will be joining the cast on the upcoming season. The said characters will play huge roles in the course of the show. Two of the additional characters already made their debut on the season 2 finale: Tariq, Lucious' half-brother/biggest enemy and Shyne, an old acquaintance of Lucious and Cookie. Another character joining them will be Zeah, a 16-year old nerdy rapper.

In line with the new characters, "Empire" season 3 will also guest star diva Mariah Carey, who will take on the role of Cookie's long time friend Kitty. Carey's character will also help Jamal with his personal struggles.

Death Rumors Abound

 Meanwhile, Taraji P. Henson who plays the role of Cookie, confirmed in Extra that a character will face death in "Empire" season 3. Henson revealed that the said character was also shocked upon reading the script. Unfortunately, Henson did not disclose any further information regarding the death rumors. But fans are quick to theorize that either Anika (Grace Gealey) or Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) will die in the series. It can be recalled the two had a fierce fight in the season 2 finale. As they get more aggressive, one of them ended up falling off a 30-storey balcony. Fans will have to wait a few weeks more before finding out who will really die in season 3.

Real Life Legal Drama

 Amidst all the hype for "Empire" season 3, Hollywood Reporter revealed that the series is currently facing copyright lawsuit. This was after a judge rejected Fox's motion to dismiss ex-felon Sophia Eggleton's claims that the show allegedly copied Cookie Lyon's character from her memoir "The Hidden Hand" in 2009. Although the case is still far from being resolved, it might have a big impact on the show's development.

"Empire" Season premieres Sept. 21, 9 P.M. on FOX.

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