‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 News & Updates: Air Date Confirmed; Toonami’s English Dub Disappoints Fans

Yusuke Murata’s “One Punch Man” earns strong interest from its huge audience, hence, season 2 of the digital manga is highly anticipated. The long wait is over as release of the upcoming season is validated despite discontent of fans on its English – dubbed version.

According to International Business Times, the official announcement of "One Punch Man" Season 2 will be made on September and the first episode is slated to debut either October or November of this year.

If this says true, then everyone gets the much deserved happy Halloween treat with Saitama’s stronger punches against the monsters and other villains in the series.

The same report noted that the protagonist’s extraordinary power of punching will be challenged in the latest season as he will be confronted with forceful attacks of his enemies. As a result, he will lose his powers and his fight with Amai will defeat him.

Indeed, a saddening and torturing reality fans should expect from any superhero.

Meanwhile, an English Dub of the popular anime show resulted to disappointment on the show’s viewers.

To recall, Toonami took the initiative of airing English – dubbed version of the first season due to overwhelming positive reviews. While some supporters of the series were pleased of this move, especially those who can only understand the English language, others bursted into frustration.

Toonami did a good job with the English dub to cater to a larger audience especially to English speaking countries. This serves as a marketing strategy as well to attract future supporters of the show.

GamenGuide noted that fans were not satisfied with Toonami's "One-Punch Man" English dub. They are convinced that the English translation was not effective and efficient despite the efforts of the skilled voice actors.

October or maybe November right? So near yet so far. With extra dose of patience, we’ll welcome back “One Punch Man” in our screens.

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