iOS 10 Beta Presents Several Problems To Users

With the impending release of iOS 10, Apple has recently made the iOS 10 beta available for download. 

The said beta is now available for developers and the general public via the company's Beta Software Program. With its current version, it appears that Apple is nearing on an iOS 10 final version and launch date.

The decision to make the beta available to the public is somehow a good choice for Apple since it'll be easier to detect bugs, glitches and other software issues. This can give the company ample time to fix them before its official release.

That being said, testing out iOS 10 this early might be tempting and doubtful at the same time.

According to Yahoo Tech, there are several problems present at iOS 10 beta. It is inevitable at this stage to encounter such problems. Take a quick look at the said issues below.

  •  Battery drains faster than usual even when the device is being used normally
  •  Feedback App is not working properly. It tends to fail during upload process and crashes occasionally
  •  Maps Transit Widget doesn't work
  •  Raise to Wake feature doesn't work
  •  Stutters when switching apps
  •  FaceTime doesn't work if users use two different iOS versions.
  •  Unable to control HomeKit accessories
  •  Various Music-related bugs and issues
  •  Notes app occasionally closes on its own
  •  iMessage effects are not received properly or appear as text description only
  •  Icons glitch when viewing folders in list mode using iCloud Drive.
  •  Can't connect to Xcode project with an error message saying "Unable to read from device" or "Unable to connect to device"

The iOS 10 beta has been doing quite a decent job considering the fact that it's still not officially released. At this stage, it is inevitable to encounter some problems with the system. Hopefully, Apple will make use of all the reports about their iOS 10 beta to fix everything before officially launching it.

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