'Kuroko no Basket' New Movie: Official Title, Newest Visuals Released

We're gonna see the generation of miracles back in the hard court soon. The official title of the new "Kuroko no Basket" film has been revealed on Monday's edition of Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine, together with the visuals of the team members in their new Vorpal Swords uniforms.

The official title will be "Gekijōban Kuroko no Basket: Last Game" or "Kuroko's Basketball The Movie: Last Game" and is slated to release in spring next year, Anime News Network reported.

The official images of Kuroko, Akashi, Midorima, and Murasakibara on Vorpal Swords uniform was previously revealed in the anime's official site. But this time, they completed the members revealing Aomine, Kise, and Taiga also in the said uniforms.

Plot details

Set a year after the Winter Cup were Kuroko and Taiga defeated Generation of Miracles Captain  Akashi and his team on the Finals, a team called Jabberwock from America, Movie News Guide reported, came to Japan to mock and challenge the level of Japanese basketball. Currently the Japanese team is composed of recent graduates including, Imayoshi from Touou, Miyaji from Shuutoku, Kasamatsu from Kaijou, Higuchi frorm Rakuzan and Okamura from Yousen.

It seems like the current team will be overpowered by the American Team so the Generation of Miracles will be gathered again to face them. The film will be about the battle of the five members of the Generation of Miracles plus Kuroko and Kagami against the famed American team.

Kuroko no Basket will also be releasing a compilation of the winter cup in three films which are to be released this year. According to Movie News Guide, the  actual Japan release dates are as follows:

  • September 3-16-- Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Sōshū-hen: Kage to Hikari (Winter Cup Compilation ~Shadow and Light~)
  • October 8-21-- Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Sōshū-hen ~Namida no Saki e~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Beyond the Tears~)
  • December 3-16-- Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Sōshū-hen ~Tobira no Mukō~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Crossing the Door~)

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