‘Doctor Strange’ Sneak Peek Gives Us A Glimpsed of Mordo and Ancient One

The Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray Edition included a short sneak peek of "Doctor Strange," which allows us to learn more about the characters in the movie.

The special feature gives us some understanding on some of the characters in the film; Karl Mordo, played by Chiwetel Ejifor, and The Ancient One played by Tilda Swinton. It was revealed that Mordo and The Ancient One is quite close to each other and Mordo was actually the one who introduces "Doctor Strange" to this part of the universe that is quite unknown to him. As for The Ancient One, Tilda Swinton said that she's the one dealing with "real, proper, and inner magic." Mordo and The Ancient One decided to start training Dr. Stephen Strange played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Collider also reported that the sneak peek video also features Kaecilius, a role played by Mads Mikkelsen, as the lead villain in the film. Kaecilius is said to be interested in "spilling the secrets of this other dimension." He sees the world quite differently from the heroes of the film. Mads Mikkelsen said, "Kaecilius is part of this temple. If the majority is looking for the truth here, he's looking over there for the truth," Slashfilm reports.

Producer Kevin Feige said that they are quite "excited" about the villains that they are going to feature in this movie and they are known as zealots. Zealots, according to Feige, are "people who are seduced by what they find on the other side."

The sneak peek of "Doctor Strange" also gave us a glimpse of some of the concept art that they are doing for the film. The movie is currently in post-production stage where some of the technical effects are being added.

Check it out. "Doctor Strange" Sneak Peek below.

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