Google Competes With Uber In Ride-Sharing Business

Google has officially decided to compete with Uber in San Francisco, launching its own ride-sharing service. Waze, the navigation app, is also going to be involved in this project as well.

There have been rumors that Google would be competing with Uber by rolling out a ride-sharing service of its own, and they might use their self-driving cars that they created. This only adds to the heat between Google and Uber in the carpooling service industry. It isn't just the service that Google is competing with now, the tech giant might also be vying for Uber's title as the first rideshare company to use self-driving vehicles.

In 2013, Google and Uber formed an alliance after the famous search giant invested $258 million in it. But recently, the ride-sharing service has been shutting out a Google top executive from board meetings to keep him from gaining access to Uber's plan to launch fleets of self-driving cars. LA times reported that David Drummond, senior vice president of Alphabet, has announced his resignation from Uber's board after serving for two years.

Drummond concurred with a report that Waze, a popular Google-owned traffic app, will be integrated into the upcoming ride-sharing service. By using Waze, riders would be able to find vehicles and carpool with commuters who are headed to the same area. There have also been rumors that Google's rideshare service will charge commuters a lower fee compared to industry leaders like Uber or Lyft.

In a report published by The Wall Street Journal, Uber will no longer be using Google maps and they have decided to develop their own navigation system due to a conflict of interest with the tech giant. Despite the possibility that Google may overshadow Uber in the ride-sharing service industry, Drummond says Google and Uber will still continue to partner with each other.

Uber does not seem to be fazed by Google's plans to compete with them since they have already started using self-driving vehicles created by engineers from the Advanced Technologies Center they opened in Pittsburgh.

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