Self-Driving Car Startup To Make Driverless Cars Talk With People Around

A self-driving car startup called is working on ways to make communication between people and robot cars better.

According to Fortune, autonomous driving startup is using deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to make driverless cars more "human." The company has hired a former GM executive for help.

In's vision about the near future, soon humans will start interacting on a regular basis with the first intelligent robots. These AI machines will likely be autonomous cars rather than a humanoid working in the cubicle next door. is a self-driving car tech startup that has been founded by former graduate students working in Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Lab. The company officially came out of stealth mode on Tuesday, Aug 30, with details about what its plans for the future.

Previously, the company went out of stealth in April, when it received a license for testing self-driving vehicles in California. The Mountain View-based startup has already raised $12 million from strategic investors and an undisclosed venture capital firm.

The autonomous car startup plans to make robot cars learn how to better interact and communicate with people. The Verge cites the co-founder of the company, Carol Reiley, who explains that is focusing on robotics applications that can improve the way" technology intersects with humanity."

Up to now, the development of self-driving cars has mostly focused on the technological aspects autonomous driving. Therefore, they address various challenges like bicyclists or bad weather.  But tech startups with grander ambitions have greater goals. They aim no less than to revolutionize the entire model of car ownership. is using deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) to teach robotic autonomous cars behaviors on their own in order to help them learn how to drive. One of the most interesting parts of the company's work is focusing on the robot-human interactions. Basically, the tech startup wants to make driverless cars talk to the people around them.

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