'Ajin' Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

The demi-humans are back. "Ajin" anime's official website has announced on Friday that the Season 2 of the said animation series will start airing on October 7.

The first season of the adaptation  of Gamon Sakurai's manga, "Ajin: Demi-Human" aired on January 15 for  a total of 13 episodes and was later released internationally by Netflix.

"Ajin" Season 2 original sound track will be collaborated by groups Angela and flipSide. "Ajin" Season 2 will also air on Netflix.


17 years ago, unknown, immortal lifeforms appeared on an African war grounds.They were called Ajin (demi-humans) and were feared and considered dangerous by the citizens.

Kei Nagai, an ordinary highschool student (he isn't ordinary now) was killed in a traffic accident and was instantly revived. It was discovered that he too--was an Ajin, and is now being pursued by the government.

The government claims that they are helping Ajins to live in another environment so they can have a normal life but the truth is, they are being used as subjects to an inhumane experiment. Now he needs to get away from the police authorities and a childhood friend, Kaito, helps him. The story also hints that Kei lacks empathy for others and is actually a psychopath.

A three part animation film was also created by Polygon Pictures, the same company behind the anime series: "Ajin: Shōdō"  (Ajin: Impulse) released in Japan on November 27, 2015;  "Ajin: Shōtotsu"  (Ajin: Collision)  premiered on May 6 2016; and "Ajin: Shōgeki" (Ajin: Crash), which will open in Japan on September 23.

"Ajin: Demi-Human" manga series was published in 2012 by Kodansha's magazine "Good! Afternoon." In 2013, it received an award as third best manga series from Japanese manga news site, Comic Natalie. It's  third volume also ranked sixth on the Oricon manga. The series was also known for its 3D animation.

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