iPhone 7 To Launch At IFA 2016; New Apple Flagship Will Blow Away All Its Competitors

The Apple iPhone 7 hasn't been launched yet, but it is already making rounds on the Internet. While all the Android manufacturers around the world are getting ready to gather in Berlin for the IFA 2016 trade show, Apple remains confident that they will still blow away its competitors when they launch the iPhone 7.

The annual IFA trade fair is every multinational technology company's platform to show the world their latest innovation of smartphone technology. It's not just Apple and Samsung that's going to be there, Sony, Microsoft, Asus and other tech companies that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics will also make an appearance at the event and it's going to be a challenge for them to be remembered.

All the tech journalists will be attending IFA, that's why Apple is so giddy to show off the iPhone 7 because a launch at IFA will get them far more press than planning their own solo event. It is also the perfect platform for other manufacturers who do not have the budget for marketing strategies that only Apple and Samsung can pull off. Everyone has a voice at IFA, and everyone can expect a potential boost in sales once it is over.

While Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Android's powerhouse phablet, Apple firmly believes they can still trump the competition despite the late launching of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. iPhone users may have contributed to Apple's unwavering confidence as they expressed their belief in the tech giant's flagship, reports USA Today.

Even when the iPhone 7's design and specifications were already locked in years ago, the fact that its entire ecosystem around iOS is solely focused on Apple's hardware and operating system gives the consumers the feeling that any of their personal data stored on the iPhone is secure, reports International Business Times.

Tech journalists will definitely have a ton of questions for Apple, and Tim Cook appears to be ready to go into the battlefield and market the iPhone 7 with his smooth PR campaigning moves.


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