'Spider-Man Homecoming': Plot and Villains Revealed

Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman has returned in "Spider-Man Homecoming". There are a lot of speculations going on as to what we can expect with this film.

IMDB didn't give us much detail about the film. It gives a pretty vague storyline for the film and only states that it will pretty much focus on "a young Peter Parker/Spider-Man as he begins to navigate his newfound identity." Well, we pretty much know that it will.

Rumors have been circulating that the creators of "Spider-Man Homecoming" will not use the Uncle Ben origin. A lot of fans are now asking where will our hero get his mantra - "With great power, comes great responsibility." Some are speculating that this will likely come from Captain Steve Rogers, although it is still not sure whether he will appear as Captain America given the fact that he now faces his own dilemma as we saw on the ending of Captain America: Civil War where he dropped his shield.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) is of course going to be part of Peter Parker's life and is being rumored to be the one who will help Peter Parker (Tom Holland) financially since there had been no details about Peter Parker working for the Daily Bugle.

Another twist in "Spider-Man Homecoming" is Aunt May's character, which is being played by the vibrant and Oscar winning actress Marissa Tomei. We were so used that Aunt May's character is usually on the sideline and as someone who needs financial support and protection. But with Marissa Tomei as Aunt May, many are speculating that she will play a key role in the movie.

As for the villains, Peter Parker is set to go against Vulture, played by Michael Keaton and The Tinkerer, played by Michael Chernus. The Tinkerer is a former employee of Stark industries who was fired by Tony Stark himself. It is rumored that he will be working alongside Vulture, specifically by making some modification on the Vulture's suit. It seems that he's really out for revenge as it is speculated that he will also help one other villain, Shocker. Rumors that a cast list was leaked have been all over the web and actor Bokeem Woodbine will play the role of Shocker.

"Spider-Man Homecoming" is set to hit the big screen next summer.

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