'Stranger Things' Season 2 News And Updates: New Characters Revealed; Eleven Will Be Different In Season Premiere

Netflix has recently confirmed the renewal of "Stranger Things" for a second season and the fans of the series have already speculated for possible storylines. Even though the first season has just ended, there have already been many updates about the upcoming second season.

Second Season Of "Stranger Things" To Be Set In 1984

The second season of "Stranger Things" will premiere on 2017, with nine episodes. There have already been hints about the upcoming season, like the storyline will be set in 1984, but there hasn't been any revelation as to what the main story of the season will be.

There have also been reports that there will be new characters to be added to the series once it returns for the second season. According to Slash Film, the Duffer brothers have already revealed that there will be four new characters to be introduced in season two. They have decided to get into new dynamics of the storyline that will create a big impact on the story.

New Characters To Be Introduced In Season 2 Revealed

One of the new characters is a young teenage girl named Max, around 12-14 years old who will portray a tough and confident young girl who resembles more of the boys during the era, instead of a girl. Another character is Billy, Max's stepbrother, who seems very violent that he has allegedly killed someone in the previous school that he attended to. The third character revealed to appear in the second season is Roman, a man in his 30s that grew up a homeless man, with a drug addict as a mother.

The Duffer brothers revealed that the second season will be a continuation to the storyline of the first season of "Stranger Things," while also still introducing new characters as the story progresses. Some of the mysteries of the first season will be answered in the upcoming season.

Will Eleven's Father Be Introduced In Second Season Of "Stranger Things"?

In addition to that, one of the most interesting storylines in the series is the character of Eleven, who is very mysterious. According to CNet, there is a possibility that the father of Eleven may be introduced in the second season. There have also been questions wondering if her father is actually even human.

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