‘No Mario Sky’ Features ‘No Man’s Sky’ And 'Super Mario' Gameplay Mashup

Before its release, open universe action game No Man's Sky has been considered as the most anticipated game in 2016. However, it does not live up to the expectations as it declined heavily in the following week after its initial release. Reports said that the game was okay but it had a series of bugs, glitches and crashes causing players to lose their patience with the game. In addition, the players also complained about its boring gameplay. Currently, a new sub-game will be developed that will somehow save No Man's Sky from its big disappointment.

According to The Verge, a small group of Australian developers came up with an idea of combining Nintendo's popular Super Mario's game element and the ones in No Man's Sky. The product is now known by its title 'No Mario Sky' which was made within 72 hours. The game features both Goomba Stomping and Space Exploration. No Mario Sky revolves around Mario in a search operation of the Princess that will take him into space, jumping through planets.

Based on the reports from Game Rant, No Mario Sky was simply a breakthrough for No Man's Sky players. Despite of having a slightly similar concept from the Super Mario Galaxy, the game's output still separates No Mario Sky from a possible comparison. The game is led by a 4-man team known as ASMB for Ludum Dare 36. Meanwhile, it is not sure whether both Hello Games and Nintendo would allow such collaboration in the near future. However, No Mario Sky is now downloadable across Windows, OS/X and Linux.

The newly developed game draws attention to fans as it brings an odd but effective mashup of the game's element. No Mario Sky now enters the list of several game crossovers that had been previously revealed such as Star Wars and Mario Kart crossover and the mod 'Grand Theft Auto 5 meets Pokemon Go.' Though, No Mario Sky is not that type of a luxury game but its quite ambitious in nature. In addition, these crossovers had remained astonishing to the fans' eyes.


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