Fallout 4 Update: Bethesda Made A Deceased Player A NPC In Nuka World

Bethesda has made the newest Fallout 4 DLC titled Nuka World extra special. A NPC (non-playable character) named Evan was actually created as a tribute to a deceased player of the same name. The character is located in the Southern-most part of the new place. Indeed, the story behind it is very touching.

A Reddit user (and also a die-hard fan of Fallout 4) by the name of NoojhXLVII made a post on the social media site, thanking the studio for helping him take his mind off a family tragedy. The player reportedly spent more than 500 hours playing the game, enjoying the gameplay. But of course, his story doesn't just revolve there.

The said Fallout 4 player mentioned about Bethesda giving him the opportunity to cope up with his father's passing. And what's even more heart-breaking? His brother Evan, 24, has also passed away. The cause of death was a complication due to diabetes.

Just recently, as reported by PCGamer, the Fallout 4 player revealed that the company has read his original post in Reddit. Moreover, his brother has been added to the game's latest expansion Nuka World as a NPC. NoohjXLVII said that Bethesda has turned Evan into a character players can find in the aforesaid DLC.

Fallout 4 players can check Evan in the new location's map. This Imgur image depicts the exact whereabouts of the deceased player. There's also a footage (below) created specifically for him.

Kotaku, on the other hand, reports that the studio also sent a care package for the Fallout 4 player. In a sense, this has somehow lifted the spirits of the aforementioned fan. Evan, as seen in the Nuka World DLC, is a "funny guy, full of puns."

The Fallout 4 player even went on to say that players shouldn't feel guilty about "taking his stuff!" That they should take it, as Evan, even in real life, would love to take his shirt off so as to "help those in need."

To NoohjXLVII, your brother is a living legacy.

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