iPad Pro 2 To Come In 3 Variants With A10X Processor, Improved Apple Pencil And More By 2017

The upcoming iPad Pro 2 is expected to be launched next year instead of the device's rumored 2016 release date. The push in schedule is probably caused by the launch of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro this year. With that said, analysts believe that the iPad Pro 2 will show up some time within the first quarter of next year.

iPad Pro 2 News

According to recent news, the iPad Pro 2 is probably going to be launched in three variants. There will be a 10.5-inch a 12.9-inch and a 9.7-inch budget iPad Pro 2. These new iPad Pro iterations are expected to focus on productivity instead of the usual multimedia and gaming. This should target people who are in the business or education sectors.

iPad Pro 2 Specs

There have been contradicting reports regarding the new iPad Pro's processor. There are sources saying that it would come with the A10X chip and there are others saying that the A9X will be used. The conflict is brought about by the fact that the new iPad Pro 2 will be released at a time when the A10X could be Apple's latest processor. However, there are news saying that the iPad Pro 2 will replace the iPad Air 2. So it has been pointed out that since the device that the said iPad Pro 2 will replace isn't a top of the line flagship device, an A9X processor might be more appropriate.

There have been talks about a 12 MP rear camera and 5 MP cameras as well. This is on top of the rumored 4K video capture display quality. Overall, the display and visuals are expected to get a boost.

iPad Pro 2 Release Dates

One report suggests that 2017 is the year for the iPad Pro 2. However, fully reliable details about the specific date is still scarce. There are sources that expect the iPad Pro 2 launch to happen within the first three months of next year. However, other sources believe that Apple is more likely to do an iPad announcement in June 2017 more than any other month.

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