Alcatel Launches New Pocket-Friendly Smartwatch: Specs, Features Review

Alcatel has just launched its new pocket-friendly smartwatch at the IFA 2016. The MoveTime WiFi Watch is regarded by many as a more mature version of its predecessor. What has changed?

MoveTime WiFi Watch’s Specs and Features

With a 400 x 400 1.39-inch AMOLED display, the MoveTime WiFi Watch may not be visible when exposed to sunlight. Despite that possible flaw, it actually looks good in Alcatel's ultra-dark booth, according to Daniel Cooper of Engadget.

It is also integrated with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 radios. This will give the MoveTime WiFi Watch better connectivity. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this pocket-friendly smartwatch is actually its built-in speaker and microphone. This will enable you to make and receive calls. Another innovative feature is its gesture control system. A simple movement such as rotating the wrist will trigger a command that activates the camera for quick snaps. It can also fast forward or rewind a song that is being played.

This new smartwatch is also very portable, allowing users to open emails, SMS and reminders by using the MoveTime WiFi watch.

Similarities To Its Counterparts

The MoveTime WiFi Watch uses the same operating system as most of its competitors. The design of the smartwatch is akin to Android Wear. It’s available in silver, dark grey and gold. Just like its counterparts, it monitors steps, calories, distance, time, water and caffeine intake and heart rate. Users can use it to track their exercise data.

How Much Is It?

The new MoveTime WiFi Watch is estimated to cost an about $150. According to AndroidAuthority, it is expected to have a similar price range as the original Watch.

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