‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Spoilers: Ricks’ Escape From Galactic Federation Prison Puts His Life To Risk

Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” is highly anticipated with its dose of weird adventurous treats to its millions of viewers. The upcoming season is greatly believed to be at its best especially that Rick Sanchez breaks out from prison. Is he aware of the dangers he puts his life into?

Prior article of iTech Post reported that the social media account of “Rick and Morty” teases what seems to be a thrilling third installment of the series. The posted concept art images reveal an overview of the storyline, depicting Rick’s very prison – like life as his laboratory is apparently organized. Also, the Galactic Federation prison maximized its security and safety to ensure that any attempt of escape will not work out.

However, Rick seems not bothered of the heightened security. Instead, he pushes his plans of getting himself out of jail. Whether he can make it on his own or with a help remains to be a mystery.

According to the International Business Times, a break out fight is expected to be the jumpstart of the latest season and Rick is set to battle with a new powerful villain who will make his life in prison even harder.

While season 3 seems to take a longer time on its air date, creator Don Harmon admitted the challenges they had to go through.

”I watched the thumbnail animatic of episode 304 and I was ready to move forward with it and Ryan [Ridley] said ‘we’re not satisfied with it and we were already behind schedule,” Harmon said.

“[The animators] have to bear the brunt of the schedule, they have to work weekends. They are the ones that wanted to do it. There’s a weird higher calling there and it’s not an endless perfectionism because you know when something finally clicks and you go ‘this is a good episode of TV.’ But it’s not just me and I was very happy to find that out,” he elaborated.

Writer Mice McMahan assures fans of the show that their patience and understanding would be worth the wait. His Tweet says, “just relax- it's our best season and worth the wait. Greatness takes time.”

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