'Quantico' Season 2 Updates And Spoilers: First Episode Title Revealed, Alex Faces More Challenges At Work And In Love

"Quantico" Season 2 is set to stir our emotions as Alex (Priyanka Chopra) face more adventures by joining the CIA and a new potential love interest appears. The production also disclosed the title of the first episode,"Kudove."

At the end of Season 1, we knew Liam (Josh Hopkins) was the mastermind behind the bombing. And although the charges against her were dropped, Alex was still fired from the FBI. However, she is recruited by the CIA.

According to the official synopsis released by ABC, "Quantico" Season 2 will start with Alex at "The Farm," a CIA training facility. Alex will investigate about espionage, which will be more dangerous than anything she has done before. The synopsis also revealed that anyone either from CIA or her former Bureau might be part of the conspiracy. Now our heroine has to find out their scheme and the lives of millions of people across the globe is on the line.

What is "Kudove?"

"Kudove" is a codename in CIA which refers to the CIA Deputy Director for Operations, International Business Times reported.  On the first season, the title of each episode pertains to the last word of the episode spoken on the screen so the title might be a hint to how the episode might end. Does this have something to do with the espionage?

Love Triangle?

We might be able to see quality moments of Alex and Ryan in the "Quantico" Season 2. Unfortunately, their togetherness might not last long, reported HNGN.

The culprit? A new mysterious character named Harry Doyle (Russell Tovey). Based on the casting calls, Harry is described as someone who is likely to seduce someone's lover.

Other characters that will also be featured in Quantico "Season 2" are Pearl Thusi who will be playing the role of Harvard lawyer, Aaron Diaz who will be introduced as a photojournalist, Leon Velez who is set to make our lead's life more difficult and Blair Underwood who will be play Owen Hall, a respected CIA officer. Will he be the "Kudove?" Alex might also be in trouble as her former employer, the FBI and CIA, are not on friendly terms with each other.

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