'The Young And The Restless' Updates And Spoilers: What Will Be The Consequences Of Adam's Death?

Adam is dead! No matter how we try to deny it, the DNA test from the remains in the blast tells us the inconceivable truth. Adam really... is dead. Well unless he faked his death, managed to fix the results of the DNA test somehow as a cover up and turn up a few months later at "The Young And The Restless" after Justin Hartley has finished filming "This is Us" or until a recast is done. Michael Muhney would do too! But what would happen now that Genoa City (and the rest of the world) is mourning for Adam?

Justin bid his goodbye to his "The Young And The Restless" fans on Facebook writing: "After many weeks of having to keep quiet in order not to spoil storylines for all of you, the time has finally come that I'm able to write you this letter... Thank you for tuning in; thank you for letting me entertain you; thanks for entertaining me, and thank you for caring."

On the other hand, according to International Business Times, in today's episode we will see Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) seeking retribution for Adam's death and promising that the culprit will pay for it. Apparently she will blame Victor (Eric Braeden).

The preview for today's episode last week also shows us Neil (Kristoff St John) taliking his mother, Chelsea hiding in the stairs and Chloe disclosing something to Victor.

This week's episodes, Inquistr reported, will center around the investigation on Adam's death and the drama between Billy and Phyllis. Nick will act as the mediator in the Newman family and will determine that Victor is not the one behind the explosion. They continue to try to find out but it seems no one is suspecting Chloe.

Michael will head to the police station to represent Chelsea. The result of the DNA test from the blast comes out which shows it is indeed Adam. Nick supports Chelsea as she fell down after hearing the news and Victor will accuse Chloe as the perpetrator.  A memorial service will be held for Adam and Chelsea is thinking of revenge.

Phyllis(Gina Tognoni) will go back to Jack due to Jill's (Jess Walton) blackmail, but Billy (Jason Thompson) already knows about her situation and will try to get her back. Billy will make a deal with Cane and Phyllis will also offer Billy a proposition. Billy said he will take care of Jill. On the other hand, Jill will meet Travis and will try to run away from him and Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

Justin Hartley, 39, has been playing Adam on the CBS daytime drama "The Young and the Restless" since November 2014 when he replaced Muhney on the said role.

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