Microsoft Windows 10 Cortana Integrated Into A Refrigerator Is The Most Innovative Tech At IFA 2016

Microsoft Windows 10 isn't just taking over the computers, now they are also conquering the appliances. LG finally introduced their newest refrigerator and it is the coolest thing that you will ever see.

LG has always been known as one of the best brands in appliances even before they entered the smartphone industry. Though LG has come up with really cool gadgets, most of them were considered rather sub par compared to other smartphones sold out there.

LG's new fridge swept away Samsung, and they call it the LG Smart Instaview. Apple and Samsung may win the smartphone technology amd industry, but LG takes the crown in the appliances department. LG now has a tablet integrate with Microsoft Windows 10 with Cortana.

The LG Smart Instaview integrated with Microsoft Windows 10 Cortana launched at IFA 2016 in Berlin, according to CNET. IFA 2016, the consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, also featured Samsung's Family Hub.

The LG Smart Instaview and Samsung Family Hub have already beem featured this year at the CES even, but both still stood out in appliances division. Both refrigerators have touch screen, but only one has the most updated operating system that can be very useful in the household.

Although the Tizen operating system is a newly developed OS by Samsung. There have been no news whether Tizen is user friendly or difficult to navigate. Meanwhile, the LG Smart Instaview is running on a Microsoft operating system specifically the Microsoft Windows 10 with Cartana.

PC Magazine reports, the LG Smart Instaview is integrated with Cartana from Microsoft Windows 10. It's a voice enabled feature that can assist the owner in multitudes of activities that have to do with anything in th kitchen.

Few of its other useful features are notification on any food that might be expired or is about to expire, it can also sync up to your phone and stream music from Pandora or Spotify. You can even browse the internet on the LG Smart instaview's tablet as well.

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