'Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing' Tips: How To Make Characters Stronger in Story Mode

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a fun and addicting mobile game to play. Here are some tips to make the player's character stronger.

Enhance Character

Naruto Shippuden players can enhance their characters by sacrificing allies or items in order to get XP from them, according to 148apps. The process is simple enough. Tap the "Enhance" tab and select the character you want to give XP boast. Note however, that the process will cost Ryo every time that it's use. Players can sacrifice up to ten characters or items in a single instance.

Awaken Character

This Ultimate Ninja Blazing feature can increase the character's ranking and powers. The player's character though should be at the maximum level in order for Awaken to be effective. These Ninja techniques will require the correct kind and number of scrolls plus a substantial amount of Ryo.

Summon Technique

Naruto Shippuden fans are all too familiar with "Summoning Jutsu" of the animated television series. In the Ultimate Ninja Blazing mobile game, players could Summon powerful allies. This method though will require players to have at least one "5-star" rated character.

Tapping the Summon feature will bring the player to the game's store where new and powerful characters could be summoned for a price. Players who have Friend Points could get rare characters that are good for enhancing characters already in use.

The best Summon characters though would require the use Ninja Pearls. Summoning ten stronger characters will require at 50 Ninja Pearls or even less depending on the deal offered to players. These summoned characters could have star ranking ranging from three to five.

Strengthening Character in Story Mode

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing can be played in Story or Multiplayer mode. It would be wise for players to finish the story mode first before going to multiplayer, according to Online Fanatic. Players can easily increase their character's stamina and combat statistics in this mode.

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