New MacBook Pro, iPhone 7 And Apple Watch 2 Latest Updates; Apple Event On September 7

Apple is known to unveil its new array of widely loved gadgets every September. 2016 is no exception to that rhythmic display of technological prowess, as the tech giant will be hosting the Apple Event in San Francisco on September 7 at exactly 10 a.m. PT and 6 p.m. BST.

Tim Cook, together with the other high-ranking executives of Apple, will take part in the unveiling of its armada of gadgets that will surely sweep the feet of major tech companies like Samsung.

Apple unveils the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 will be out to set the smartphone industry in turmoil as it will prove to be a threat to Samsung, knowing that the Galaxy Note 7 is experiencing serious battery issues. One of the major changes that the iPhone 7 will have is the removal of the headphone jack.

It will instead have a Lightning cable connection rather than have the standard 3.5mm jack connection. This will then enable the iPhone 7 to wirelessly connect to the Bluetooth headsets that will possibly come with it.

What's up with the Apple Watch 2?

It is widely accepted that a release of a new iPhone is more plausible than another Apple Watch. Despite the circumstances, it is still possible as it would be unjustifiable for Apple to give up the smartwatch competition, giving the lime light to Samsung's newly released Gear S3 smart watch.

According to MacRumors, the next Apple Watch named as the Apple Watch 2 will have a bigger screen and would be thinner than the previous model.

The Future of the MacBook Pro and iPad

Apple hasn't had a reboot of the MacBook since May of 2015. Based on the statement of 9to5Mac, Apple will be launching an improved MacBook Pro that features a Touch ID and an OLED key screen, as well as a longer battery life.

If these set of features are set to turn to reality, then it would surely be a very positive improvement for the MacBook series as it would be the first to feature such improvements.

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