NBA Trade Rumors: Is A Three-Way Trade Among Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and Cleveland Cavaliers Possible?

Kevin Love, Jaylen Brown and Nerlen Noel are just 3 of the 6 rumored NBA trade happening anytime soon. Terry Rozier and Amir Johnson is said to be transferring to Philadelphia, and Jonas Jerebko to Cavaliers. Speculations about NBA trade continues to escalate even when the next season is more than a month away. 

Cavaliers won over the Golden State Warrior in the 2016 NBA Championship but Kevin Love may still be considered for a trade regardless if his skills are superior to Smith and Thompson. It appears that Cleveland is having a hard time fitting Love in because he needs to have the ball to be an asset and he's not that effective on the defense side. If Kevin Love will be traded to Boston, Celtics can put Al Horford in the center so they can play side by side.

Next is Jaylen Brown who's not supposed to be traded but it looks like Celtics badly wants Love that they just have to let him go. Brown is likely to be a small forward or shooting guard for the 76ers. Jaylen Brown's performance in this year's NBA Summer League impressed a lot and many believe he will make it big as reported by the Boston Globe. This trade is really good for the Sixers.

As for Nerlen Noel, he is reported to be traded by 76ers because sources say the team has too many players in center position but lacking on others. Trading Noels for a quality player in the guard or forward position could balance their rosters and give them a better shot at the next season. Noel is not only known as a good scorer but also his impressive defense skills.

Now this three-way trade is all just a rumor and the teams have yet to release their official statements.

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