'Star Trek: Discovery' Promises New Aliens; Technology Similar To Present World?

Fifty years since the first "Star Trek" premiered on television, the sci-fi franchise is coming back to the small screen with "Star Trek: Discovery" to be released on January 2017.

Previous information from the new "Star Trek" series created by Bryan Fuller revealed that the plot will be set 10 years before the events on the original "Star Trek", which was set around 2260's. Producer Kristen Beyer said the series will be faithful to the technology that we already know, implying that it will be very close to what we have in the present, Hitflix reported.

The story arc of the first season will follow events in the ship called "Discovery One", named after Nasa's space shuttle Discovery. It will take on a search of "new worlds and new alien races to explore and understand and collaborate with," Fuller said according to iO9.

In a recent interview during the "Star Trek: Mission New York" convention in Manhattan, "Star Trek: Discovery" writer and producer Nicholas Meyer disclosed some hints on the upcoming series.

"Bryan didn't want to use the same characters from other series, and a 10-year pre-Kirk thing seemed perfect," Meyer said as reported by Hitflix.

Only one character for "Star Trek: Discovery" is known up to now, the female lead, which will be referred to as "Number One," a lieutenant commander of Discovery. Instead of the captain, the new series will focus on the point of view of the supporting crews of the ship,

"[Discovery is] an opportunity to reinvent, re-explore and re-introduce alien races you may be familiar with, but also introduce brand new aliens, planets and ships you haven't seen before," Fuller said in a video message played at the same convention.  "We'll be looking at life aboard a starship from a whole different dynamic." he added.

Aside from the new series, the Star Trek franchise is getting a new line of comic books which will be overseen by "Star Trek" novelist, Gene Rodenberry himself.

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