Apple Music Get Spotify-Like Features And Slashes Membership To Just $8.25 Per Month

Apple Music just came back last June after its first release last year. Apple had to pull it out because it got more bad reviews than good.

For some reason, Apple music's previous interface was difficult to navigate and iPhone users did not like it at all. Now, Apple Music is back in the digital music scene and it is better than ever. There was a point in time where iTunes declined in the popularity rank when Beats was acquired. Apple decided to take down iTunes and just focus on the new streaming service built by Beats.

The iTunes Radio was not a hit, either. After its failure, Apple executives gathered and decided to develop a new streaming service instead. With the new and improved Apple Music, subscribers can customize their playlist, with the service set to make a really huge comeback along with the iPhone 7.

Apple Music lets users enjoy different premade playlists or customized playlists created by other iPhone users, according to Forbes. Despite its exciting changes, all these attributes sound really familiar and some subscribers agreed that it looks a little like Spotify.

Spotify is not happy about Apple Music's comeback seeing that Apple slashed membership for subscribers at $8.25 a month. Other than that, Spotify thinks Apple is trying to steal its thunder as an online streaming service. For $8.25 a month, users can already access, stream and download unlimited songs from the Apple Music library. Spotify offers the same service, but for $10 a month.

9 to 5 Mac reports that along with the iPhone 7 launch, Apple would also be introducing a 12-month Apple Music subscription card. This is perfect for anyone who's loyal to Apple and for those who are really committed to Apple Music. With a 12-month Apple Music subscription card costing $99, users will only pay $8.25 every month, thus, making teh device far more affordable than Spotify.

Spotify is not that pleased about all the fuss Apple Music is making. There have been reports that Apple and Spotify have gone into war because of this. We can only hope for things to be better, but sources suggest it might even get worse than it already is.


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