New NBA 2K17 Player Ratings Show LebRon James Is King

It's no secret that LeBron James is an exceptional player, so it's only right if his NBA 2K17 counterpart sports the same excellence. After all, he won't be called the King for nothing. But when the upcoming game's ratings were revealed, many were appalled. Well, obviously, there are still people salty with the Cavs winning the recent championship against the Warriors. Regardless though, it only cements the superstar's status.

According to Sporting News, LeBron James will now start the NBA 2K17 season as the highest rated player. Following him is Warrior's lead guard and former MVP Stephen Curry. And to conclude the top 3 is no other than the latter's new teammate Kevin Durant, the once Oklahoma City Thunder and now part of the Golden State organization.

It's worth noting that prior to the conception of NBA 2K17, James also tipped off his NBA 2K16 debut as the top rated player. Eventually though, he was surpassed by Curry, who rose to a record only held by the great Michael Jordan. In the history of the franchise, it was the very first time in five years that LBJ didn't get hold of the level.

Below is a quick rundown of the new NBA 2K17 player ratings:

  • 96 - LeBron James (No Change)
  • 94 - Stephen Curry (-2)
  • 93 - Kevin Durant (-1)
  • 93 - Russell Westbrook (-2)
  • 93 - Kawhi Leonard (-1)
  • 91 - Chris Paul (-1)
  • 90 - Klay Thompson (-1)
  • 90 - Draymond Green (+1)
  • 90 - James Harden (-2)
  • 90 - Anthony Davis (-1)
  • 90 - DeMarcus Cousins (No Change)
  • 89 - Paul George (-1)
  • 89 - Kyrie Irving (+1)
  • 89 - Damian Lillard (No Change)
  • 88 - Carmelo Anthony (No Change)
  • 88 - Karl-Anthony Towns (+2)
  • 88 - Jimmy Butler (No Change)
  • 88 - John Wall (-1)

In related NBA 2K17 news, the developers of the game once played with the thought of implementing a 4-point shot rule. While the idea is quite interesting, making it a reality presents lots of rigorous work. From changing the overall aesthetic of the game down to player tendencies, such feature is just too good to be true.

What are your thoughts about the new NBA 2K17 player ratings? Do you agree with LeBron James being on the number one spot? Or perhaps, it should've been Stephen Curry. Show your basketball IQs at the comment section below!

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