iOS 10 Reveals 6 New Siri Features

In spite of the release of the two new smartphones in the iPhone line-up, iOS 10 will definitely include tons of features that will surely make iOS devices worth the price.

The new OS will include gender-inclusive emoji with 100 spanking new and redesigned icons.

Intelligent personal assistant Siri is also getting amazing updates, too, with the new OS.

Here are 6 new Siri features that we can enjoy in iOS 10 update:

1. Siri to call a friend in Skype, Wechat, Phone Call

With the new update, you can now actually use Siri to call friends on Skype without even having to open the app itself. You just need to say "Hey Siri! Call Pauline in Skype/Wechat/Phone," and then the iPhone will directly search for your friend and call it in that specific app.

2. Siri can help you get a ride in Uber or Lyft

Uber or Lyft are so convenient specifically for those who live in major cities where possessing a car looks like a hassle. Now, Siri helps users hail an Uber or Lyft without having to open the app.

3. Siri can send money to your loved ones and businesses

Siri was also integrated with Square Cash and Monzo. Users can actually split a money for a dinner bill with a friend or even to pay for a rent using these applications. Sending money is as simple as asking Siri. Of course, a fingerprint is needed to actually go forward with the transaction, so that you're safe and secure.

4. Sending messages in third-party instant messaging apps is possible with Siri

WhatsApp and Linkedin are also included in Siri's brand-new update. What is awesome here is that these apps are not needed to be opened and nothing ever has to be typed on the screen and of course for a message to be sent. Just tell Siri what you want you to send to your friend in WhatsApp.

5. Siri can pin whatever you're looking at.

Pinterest is very abundant of things like recipes, outfits, and dozens of other things worth pinning. Now, iPhone users can use Siri to pin whatever they're looking at.

6. Siri to open Pikazo

Being artistic is now very easy as opening Pikazo using Siri. This is an app that let users choose a subject and the artist they want to imitate and gives a collage of photos to choose from.

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