PS4 Firmware Update Aims On Bringing HDR Support In All PS4 Models

During Sony's announcement of the new PS4 Pro which offers high dynamic range or HDR and 4K for both video and gaming, the tech manufacturing company also had a good news for their loyal subscribers. Based on the sources, Sony had also announced that all previous PS4 consoles will be able to adopt it very soon.

According to Gamespot, Sony had revealed their plans on the upcoming firmware update that is scheduled to be released around next week. The next firmware update will showcase the HDR support in all PS4 machines including the standard models. However, the company have not yet released any details regarding on how it will be implemented.

High Dynamic Range or shortly known as HDR is the latest video technology ever made. It generates a better dynamic range between the every single detail on a rendered video. HDR is now very detailed on interpreting the difference between darkest dark and the lightest light within a video. It creates a clearer and cleaner output. HDR also creates better pictures and has a wider range of hues to add more details on the image. However, in order to witness these results. It should be paired with a monitor that is HDR compatible.

According to The Verge, Sony will be offering the latter PS4 consoles an HDR support for both video streams and gaming. While also, based on the report, PS4 Pro's offering of the 4K and HDR were not quite at its maximum output so far. On the other hand, Sony has not yet decided on which of the Dolby Vision or HDR10 standards the older PS4 models will be supporting.

Moreover, it was considered as a great move from Sony. Considering that they had done much effort on ensuring the best visual gaming experience for their customers. Regarding on what model of consoles their customers are possessing.

In other news, Sony's two latest consoles release dates are closing. PS4 Slim will be on September 5 while the PS4 Pro will be on November 10.


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