'Marco Polo' Season 3 To Push Through Despite Cancellation Rumors, Joan Chen Talks About Her Role

Netflix's hit period drama "Marco Polo" Season 3 is in danger of cancellation due to budget constraints and conflicts on the lead actor's filming schedule. But according to reports, the show would be pushed through even if the new sequel needs to be shown in different network or Emperor Kublai Khan's character gets killed off.

Previous Itechpost reported Benedict Wong, who plays the role of Kublai Khan is busy filming Marvel movie "Doctor Strange" alongside Benedict Cumberbatch which is the reason why the production of "Marco Polo" Season 3 is delayed.

Now, reports are, his character will be getting lesser screen time or may even be killed off so the actor can exit the production and other new characters will be added on the show.  The same report also said another network is interested in producing the series if Netflix decides to not to release a Season 3.

The historical series is also one of the most expensive series produced by Netflix which casts a lot of minority actors. In an interview with actress Joan Chen who plays the role of Empress Chabi with Northwest Asian Weekly, the actress talked about how meaningful her role was and her joy about minority actors getting roles in Hollywood.

"Mongols really valued queens as much as kings," Chen said. "In a way, queens had equal power to them, and that gave me the initial idea on how to create the character. Chabi isn't on the battlefield, but she's not shy about offering advice and expressing her opinion." She added.

She also said when she saw the script on "Marco Polo" she thought it was her calling.

"It's been refreshing to work with so many Asian female actors, especially on such a high-budget show," said Chen. "Sometimes we [Asian Americans] say, 'We don't have enough visibility,' or we protest this and that. But ultimately, [television and film] is a business, and we as actors have to do our best so our shows are entertaining and of great quality. We've enabled many newcomers of different nationalities and ethnicities to get visibility," she added.

Netflix hasn't confirmed "Marco Polo" Season 3 yet but the actress hopes she can get back to act as Empress Chabi  as soon as possible, Parent Herald reported.

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