Overwatch Guide: How To Improve Hero’s Standing in Competitive Play

Overwatch newbies can improve their hero's standing in competitive plays quickly. They just need to learn the basics first.

Overwatch Game Play General Tips

First, players must know themselves and what they want to achieve in Overwatch. They could start by playing several Overwatch matches. After each or several games, players will need to note how they have fared and the mistakes committed in the game, according to Overwatch Central.

Afterwards, play the Overwatch game and note if the same mistakes are being committed. This point on, players will simply continue to play until they are successful in avoiding their earlier mistakes. It also pays to record the games since this also helps as a visual aid. During the game, players may notice new mistakes which can be corrected in later games.

Once the Overwatch player has gained some confidence playing the game, it is now time to set up some goals. For example, player can aimed for the platinum or diamond rank in the competitive plays. This goal is possible even for those starting out as long as they remained focused and never forget it.

Pick a Reasonable but Diverse Range of Overwatch Heroes

There are currently 22 Overwatch heroes in the game and possibly more coming in. It is not advisable to stick to only one hero or play too many of them. The reason for this is that each hero has his or her own strength and weakness depending on the opponent, maps, opposing team composition or rules set in the game. It's also not practical to play them all. Of course, this rule does not apply to "flex players" who could play very well in the game regardless of the hero they use.

Players in Pre-game and Mid-game Mode

Overwatch players should take note of their Hero's skills and the common mistakes committed whenever they use the character in the game. This could lessen the chances of getting killed early on the game. Overwatch veterans also advised players to concentrate on themselves and focused on their character's assignment within the team.

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