Donald Trump Talks About 'Taking Our Country Back'; Brad Pitt Asks 'Where'd It Go?'

Donald Trump, GOP Presidential Nominee, talks about "taking our country back" and Brad Pitt asks "What does he even mean, take our country back? Would someone please explain that to me?"

"Where'd it go?" he added.

In his recent interview, the actor said he cannot bring himself to think that Trump will be in charge. He expresses his disappointment by quoting a line from the movie "The Big Short" that tackles 2008's global financial crisis

"When things are going wrong and we can't find the reason for it, we just start creating enemies."

The actor explained we usually look for people to blame like gays or illegal immigrants. "Coming from Oklahoma, southern Missouri, which leans more toward Trump voice, I try to understand it." Many people feel they are alone which is why they prefer to be a Trump supporter asking for separation and isolation.

In another report, Sociologist Russel Hochschild speaks about Trump supporters and explained where they are coming from. Imagine a long line that stretches from the top of the hill. At the top is the American dream. When you see other people such as blacks, refugees, immigrants cutting ahead, what would you feel? These people believe that they are being treated unfairly and not being given what they deserve.

But the actor says we are a global neighborhood now so we should all start to understand each and every one of us.

Brad Pitt isn't the only one that openly said their disapproval of Donald Trump. George Clooney has also said during a press conference that "There's not going to be a President Donald Trump" The country is not going to be driven by fear. No one should be afraid of immigrants, Muslims or women. No one should be afraid of anything, he added.

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