'This Is Us' News And Updates: First Clip Shows Heartwarming Rebecca And Jack's Hospital Scene; Justin Hartley Says New Drama Is A Dream Come True

The first teaser for NBC's anticipated drama serial "This Is Us" may bring you to tears. In the new clip, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is in a hospital room with his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) who is about to give birth to triplets when her attending doctor (Gerald McRaney) comes in to discuss possible complications of the child birth.

Jack cuts the doctor and says: "I'm sorry, no, we're not going to have this conversation," he said, cited Hollywood Life "Were walking out of this hospital with three healthy babies and one healthy wife. I have three cribs at our new home, that we bought specifically for our three children. My mother has already knitted three onesies, and she's a slow, no-talent knitter. It also  happens to be my birthday today."

 "I'm gonna need everyone in this room to believe me when I say that only good things are gonna happen today," he added. It seems like viewers needs to ready their tissues on watching the pilot episode on September 20.

"This is Us" connects the story of various people who were born on the same day. The plot will revolve around a married couple expecting triplets, a successful businessman finding his real father, a depressed woman trying to go on a diet and a sitcom actor, Kevin, who wants to act on more serious roles.

"The Young and The Restless" actor Justin Hartley who will play the role of Kevin says "This is Us" is one of those "once-in-a-lifetime scripts you read." reported Chicago Sun Times "When I read the pilot, I was like, 'Man, if I could be a part of something like this, this would be like a dream come true for an actor,' " Hartley explained.

Hartley said the show is good mix of drama and comedy that will make viewers cry in misery and then laugh a moment later. He also described his character as someone who is very driven and uses his heart.

"I truly do believe that it will move people to maybe make better decisions in their life. That's been the most fulfilling part of a show like this," the actor added.

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