Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: Here Are 3 Ways To Track A Pokemon Without Getting Banned

Pokemon Go has been an overnight success since it was released by Niantic months ago. While Niantic has been actively banning several accounts who has been violating the game's Terms of Service, some of them are still freely doing their hacking habits. However, they might not look safe for long knowing that the Niantic has currently changed the game's ToS. As a result, current players are now anxious to use any tracker apps without getting themselves banned.

According to Otakukart, to avoid getting banned, it was suggested to not use a web-based or 3rd party app in tracking Pokemon. Thankfully, a reddit post shows 3 simple tricks that players should consider in tracking these adorable creatures plus they are ban-free. Based on the reports, these methods are just based on pure observation and understanding on the spawn algorithm of the game. Check out the three methods below:

Circle or Three-Point Method

This first method needs geometry and 200m radius circle in order for the trick to work. It was explained that this method makes use of the game's 200m radius circle while making solutions on the sightings system. Based on the reports, this method works for about 80% every time. To understand further, see the full instructions here.

Applying the Sightings Feature Method

This second method is simply applying the best out of the existent sightings feature. This trick works by visualizing first the 200m radius on the phone's screen. Based on the explanation, whenever a Pokemon appears on the sightings, it was either within 200m of you or you just walk within its radius. Best way of finding the Pokemon while using this trick is to sweep the area while keeping in mind the 200m radius distance. See the full instructions here.

Track Pokemon Using Ingress

Lastly, the last trick was using the latter Ingress game to effectively track these Pokemons. First step is to install Ingress on your mobile phone. It was reported that among those mentioned tricks this has the simplest steps. It was explained that the use of XM concentrations (white dots) are indicators of a nearby Pokemon. While the denser the XMs are, the higher the chance of a rare Pokemon encounter. See full Instructions here.


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