North Korea’s Fifth and Strongest Nuclear Test; Alarms the UN

North Korea has carried out its biggest nuclear test on Friday. It has already been their fifth nuclear test and many countries have expressed outrage about it. 

The latest nuclear test done by North Korea has allowed for the communist country to learn the technology of mounting a nuclear warhead on medium-range ballistic missiles. It was done last Monday, September 5, when other world leaders were gathered in China for the G20 Summit.

The nuclear test produced shocks stronger than the Hiroshima bombs, according to estimates. This was specifically done on the 68th National Day of North Korea, a day fit to exemplify military strength. 

Jeffrey Lewis, an expert in nuclear nonproliferation and geopolitics from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies has estimated that the seismic magnitude of this test can be considered as the most powerful test conducted by North Korea to date. 

According to the California-based expert, the magnitude and surface level of the blast is equivalent to 20 to 30 kilotonnes - larger than the bombs dropped in World War Two.

Kim Jong Un has approved the development of nuclear programs despite many sanctions of the U.N.

The 32-year-old dictator considers South Korea and U.S. as North Korea's main enemies. Kim Jong Un said its "scientists and technicians carries out a nuclear explosion test for the judgment of the power of a nuclear warhead," according to KCNA, the country's official news agency. 

North Korea obviously detested the plans of U.S. and South Korea to install anti-missile defense systems in the South, this is on top of the annual US-South Korea joint military exercises.

Russia and US have agreed that there will be more discussions in the U.N. If no nation on the Security Council will oppose, the resolution would be condemnation as one course of action. 

As of now,  five sets of UN sanctions have already been laid out. More sanctions are still being discussed, such as blocking fuel export to North Korea. 

Nuclear tests done by North Korea is their way of showing their capability to attack their enemies. It is also to demonstrate a threat against the many sanctions that the country has experienced in the global community through the U.N.

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