'World of Final Fantasy' on Two Different Platforms: Graphics and Loading Times Compared

Slated for release on two Sony platforms, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, many are left wondering of the comparison between releases of 'World of Final Fantasy' despite the obvious difference on computing power. But given the recent livestream provided, as initially mentioned at Siliconera, by Hiroki Chiba, World of Final Fantasy director, we got a glimpsed of the comparison of the same game that runs on two different platforms.

Content-wise, there should not be any notable differences between the handheld and the console platform. However, PlayStation Vita owners will not be getting the Japanese voicing by default when they buy the game due to Vita cartridge's limited capacity. Yet, this same feature will still be made available via a downloadable content.

Embedding the same video of the recent livestream as mentioned, viewers will get to see the loading times difference of 'World of Final Fantasy' game between the two platforms starting on 7:19 of the timeline. Seven seconds from there, we are shown of the loading time difference when moving from one area to another between platforms. With a lot more computing power than its handheld counterpart, the PlayStation 4 obviously was ahead of the comparison, albeit at a small margin.

However, the condition was reversed at 7:54 when the PlayStation Vita showed faster loading times than its console counterpart that shows the loading times during battle encounter.

Another aspect of the comparison worth noting is the difference between running display resolutions. Apparently with a smaller screen by design, the PlayStation Vita version of 'World of Final Fantasy' would run only at 960x544 resolution whereas the PlayStation 4 version is at 1920x1080. However, also, the difference would just mean little when looked at both screens as the game is carefully fitted to look similarly (similar to the case on how a 720p quality movie will not appear much different with a 1080p quality movie unless looked upon a monitor where 1080p is supported).

Lastly, there is the 'World of Final Fantasy' graphics where the PlayStation 4 is, again, at the upper-hand for its superior hardware. The difference is at its most obvious when looked in the background. But when it comes to polygonal designs, both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4 versions should just be the same.

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