Nvidia Or AMD May Manufacture Future Samsung GPUs

According to rumors based on a new report from behind the scenes, Samsung is negotiating with both Nvidia and AMD as suppliers of the design for its future GPU tech.

AMD Or Nvidia To Make Samsung GPUs

GMS Arena reports that the South Korean company plans to stop using the ARM-developed Mali GPUs in its upcoming Exynos chipset designs, and use instead chips designed by Nvidia or AMD. At the moment, it seems that Nvidia could be the preferred winner of the deal with Samsung thanks to its "superior" Pascal architecture, but AMD is still a powerful competitor with its Polaris architecture that is powering the PS4 Pro.

In the past, previous speculations suggested that an Exynos chipset with a Mali GPU will still arrive in 2017, but based on the new Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA). This new technology would allow the CPU and GPU share tasks and memory and sit on the same bus, improving overall performance. In case that these speculations prove to be exact then we will see in the year 2018 either a licensed GPU from AMD or Nvidia if the negotiations are successful or a Samsung-developed GPU.

According to Android Headlines, there is no official confirmation yet of Samsung's negotiations with AMD and Nvidia. However, considering that Samsung was reported early this month to be the winner of a manufacturing contract of Nvidia's Pascal GPUs, it seems probable that the company will go with Nvidia for its future GPUs. It would be easier for Samsung to use these GPUs inside of their Exynos chipsets with a partnership with Nvidia already in place.

Tech analysts expect only one Galaxy S9 model in early 2018. Will be no more Snapdragon versions for various markets and all the Galaxy S9 smartphones will be powered by an Exynos chip. In is also reported that the South Korean high-tech company is developing its CDMA modem tech.

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