PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted Edition Pre-Orders Come with a Freebie; Here's What

Making an aggressive move to make the Uncharted Edition of PlayStation 4 Slim sell like pancakes, Best Buy made an offer that many PlayStation fans would find hard to pass up -- for a very limited period, pre-orders of the recently announced enhanced version of the PlayStation 4 will come with the Sony Platinum Wireless Headset for free. Yes, that same $159 PlayStation 4 accessory that was also recently announced on the same event where the two new PlayStation 4 models, PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro, were announced. Those who did pre-order, only got to fork out $299.99 for the PlayStation 4 Slim bundle, including the freebie. This news came originally at Siliconera.

No matter how you look at it-an almost $150 for the PlayStation 4 Slim bundle and $159 for the high-end accessory or a $299.99 PlayStation 4 Slim bundle plus a zero cost $150 accessory -- this is truly a bargain especially for a unit that was announced with a retailer price of $299.99 without the bundled Uncharted game and the expensive accessory.

Unaware to this bundled accessory, the Sony Platinum Wireless Headset was announced is dubbed as a "high-end" gaming headset that provides high-quality and immersive audio experience. Employing a feature that is far superior than the original headset that comes with the original PlayStation, this premium headset sports 7.1 virtual surround sound based on Sony's own technology.

While the bargain itself is something that may come as a shock to many gaming consumers, only a few things suggest why this kind of marketing ever took place at all: PlayStation 4 Pro, let alone Slim's, hardware standing against Microsoft's upcoming enhanced rendition to the Xbox One, the Xbox One S, which has a price tag similar only to PlayStation 4 Slim (better overall hardware than both Slim and Pro, but at a starting price (for the 500Gb version) equivalent only to that of Slim) and the bad rap that the PlayStation 4 Slim is getting among critics who compare it to its better counterpart, the PlayStation 4 Pro, despite the $100 difference. 

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