'Pokemon Go' Buddy System Guide: Safe Speed For Trainer - Faster Than 'Ingress'? Speed Tracker App Available

"Pokemon Go" players who are also Reddit users have discussed online about the speed limit while using the buddy feature, which the game developer has clarified. While walking with a buddy Pokemon, the speed limit is similar to the speed limit for hatching eggs which is around 10.5km per hour or 65 miles per hour.

"Pokemon Go" will track the distance traveled for walking Pokemon the same way it tracks distance traveled for hatching eggs. This helped get the feature out faster but will also include some of the errors in hatching eggs.

However, Reddit users have reported that while walking with a buddy pokemon, the actual speed recorded was faster than expected but less than 15.5 km per hour. Rumors of an increased "Pokemon Go" buddy system speed has not been confirmed; 10.5 km per hour remains to be the safe speed to walk with the buddy Pokemon.

The "Pokemon Go" speed is already faster than Niantic's previous game, "Ingress"', with the speed limit of 8 km per hour and can be easier to go faster than that speed when biking. There is also an app that can record one's speed and will send a message alert to the user if the traveling speed is going faster than the limit.

A particular app is the Digihud on Android to try the feature. Another option is using a speedometer overlay app that will notify the speed used in "Pokemon Go" like SpeedOverlay for Android.

"Pokemon Go," however, will sometimes not register the gamers' travels and that speed limit does not mean that the distance taken will be counted. It is therefore necessary for gamers to make sure that one is not walking in a circle or backtracking over previous steps, which are certain not to be recorded.

"Pokemon Go" buddy feature is now available primarily allowing gamers to walk with their chosen pokemon on the journey together. The Pokemon will appear alongside the trainer's avatar on the profile screen bringing with it unique in-game experiences and rewards. One example of a reward are the candies which can be used to strengthen or evolve the trainer's Pokemon.

Watch the "Pokémon GO" buddy system update here:

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