Chris Pratt And Denzel Washington New Film 'The Magnificent Seven' Premieres Wraps Up Venice Film Festival

During the recent Venice Film Festival, Antoine Fuqua's newly directed film "The Magnificent Seven" had a special screening which closed the said event. The film will soon be released towards the end of September.

"The Magnificent Seven" Screening At Closing Event Of Venice Film Festival

Actors Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington, stars of the upcoming film "The Magnificent Seven", attended the 73rd Venice Film Festival alongside their director Antoine Fuqua . Their upcoming movie closed the event in Italy at a special screening just weeks before its worldwide premiere.

Actor Christ Pratt even took to his Instagram account to share his excitement in being there at his most favourite city in the world, and said he could not wait for the rest of the world to watch the upcoming reboot movie. He described the greatness of the city alongside their people's warm welcome of him as well.

Prior to the Venice Film Festival, "The Magnificent Seven" already premiered at the opening of the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. During then, Fuqua talked about the casting of the film, and why he chose such actors. Prior to the upcoming film to be released, Fuqua has already worked with actor Denzel Washington in his past films "Training Day" and "The Equalizer."

Antoine Fuqua Talks About The Modernized Classical Story Of "The Magnificent Seven"

Fuqua also explained how the Westerns have changed over time already and how he felt the need to adjust to those changes in order to make his modern-themed classical story of "The Magnificent Seven." He based the movie on what the Westerns are and look like now in order to create a more realistic image of the storyline.

Actor Denzel Washington on the other hand is not familiar of the 1960 classic, saying that he has never watched the original version of the film, making it more difficult for him to portray his role. Nevertheless, he and the rest of the cast were able to represent the roles in the best way that they could.

The film is set to premiere worldwide on September 23. Watch the full trailer below:

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