The Surface Phone Could Be Microsoft's Ultimate Shot At The Mobile Industry After Lumia Line Failure

The Surface Phone Could Be Microsoft Ultimate Shot At The Mobile Industry After Lumia Line Failure
The Surface Phone has beastly specs and a solid development team. It can be Microsoft's missing piece in its quest for mobile world success. Photo : Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Microsoft is one of the biggest names in the tech industry. When it first ventured on the mobile phone market, the expectations are undeniably high. However, even though the company was able to produce quite a number of value, midrange, and high-end phones, it seems like they are still yet to prove that they can indeed compete with other smartphone brands.

Microsoft Lumia To End This Year

According to rumors, the company is already prepared to end its Lumia line on December. This is highly supported by the company's effort to sell out the phone line by giving Lumia models permanent discounts. This could indicate the company's first step to start anew with its mobile phone line and this could also mean that Microsoft is coming up with something better than the Lumia phones.

The Surface Success

It is not impossible for Microsoft to focus on what they do best and strategise from there. Since the Surface line may have been the company's most successful development, it is very likely that they end up adding their mobile phone in this line up.

The earlier Surface Pro devices may not be perfect, but many sources agree that the company has already done it right with Surface Pro 4. With a super hefty Surface Book to come with it, it is undeniable that the Surface team has been able to uplift Microsoft's name in the tablet and hybrid device market.

Surface Devices For Business People

If there is one major edge that the Surface devices have over its competitors, it would probably be its charm to business-oriented consumers. These devices undeniably target the business world. With specs as beastly as the recent Surface devices, and a price that investors won't think twice to pay, everyone may agree that the Surface devices are more appropriate for offices and businesses more than other devices.

With this assessment, it is easy to conclude that the company creates devices that specifically targets people in this sect, and this isn't impossible with the Surface Phone as well. The phone's rumored powerhouse specs are more likely to attract the business class more than anyone else. The phone would basically be a laptop in your pocket and be designed to make a person's tasks easier to do.

Surface Phone As Microsoft's Biggest Shot At The Mobile Phone Market

With the Surface line being targeted at a specific sect and with competition being pretty low on that target, it is not impossible that the Surface Phone can make it to the top this time. With rumored specs like an Intel Kaby Lake processor, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, microSD slot, and Continuum support, the Surface Phone can clearly be one of the best phones to ever hit the market. The most recent Lumia phones Lumia 950 and 950 XL may have been quite hefty themselves but it is expected that Microsoft would do something more incredible with the Surface Phone to finally make it big in the mobile world.

Surface Phone Rumored Release Date

It is worth noting that although a Microsoft official have mentioned the words "Surface Phone" in tweets, the device remains unconfirmed. However, based on predictions, the phone may have to wait a few more months before being released. If the device is waiting for Intel's Kaby Lake processor and Windows new update, then the phone may be made available some time in 2017.

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