'Pokemon Go' Update: Buddy Pokemon, Pokemon Go Plus Support Officially Added, [BUT] Not For Rooted Android, Jailbroken iOS; Magisk Making Systemless Log

"Pokemon Go" now features Buddy Pokemon and "Pokemon Go" Plus support. While the updates bring good news to most players, rooted Android and jailbroken iOS device users reportedly cannot load the game up.

The changelog for "Pokemon Go" latest update include the implementation of Buddy Pokemon, which will allow trainers to choose one Pokemon to be their buddy. The trainer can then earn candies for their Buddy Pokemon through walking a certain distance.

Another "Pokemon Go" improvement brought by the update is the game's performance reliability when a device switches networks; it no longer causes a pause in updating or hang in the app. Minor text fixes were implemented and the "Pokemon Go" Plus support has been added.

However, all the features and fixes will not make sense for players using rooted Android devices and jailbroken iOS devices. This is because "Pokemon Go" developer reportedly hindered the use of the app for these devices.

Underneath the "Pokemon Go" team's changelog, it is stated that the developer continues to focus on eliminating bots and scrapers from the game. This is why rooted or jailbroken devices will no longer be supported by "Pokemon Go." In addition, the developer gave a reminder for users to download the app only from the official Google Play and ITunes App stores.

Meanwhile, rooted Android device users who like to play "Pokemon Go" can do it through Magisk. However, to use Magisk, the device should have an unlocked bootloader. Magisk is a mod developed by XDA user topjohnwu which aims to create a universal interface for everyone to develop and use systemless mods.

"Pokemon Go" latest update also made the selection of smaller Pokemon on the game screen easier. For those players who encountered Eggs without animations, the recent update also fixed the bugs on Eggs that sometimes cause them to hatch without displaying animations. Watch "Pokemon Go" Buddy Pokemon feature here:

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