Shelved 'Warcraft: Lord of Clans' Finally Emerges; Get The DL Here!

Warcraft: Lord of Clans finally reared its head and is available now for download after it was put on hold 18 years ago, according to Kotaku.

The point-and-click adventure has a file size of just about 500MB, with the orc warrior Thrall brandishing his way through a maze of dungeons and town squares as you click aimlessly. The game had been in development for over a year: nearly all features, puzzles, and areas were in place, the voice acting had been recorded, and much of the animation was complete.

The throwback video game was posted in the fansite for Scrolls of Lore by Russian member Reidor. In which the member captioned, "This is my gift for all Blizzard fans, old and new."

The said cancelled installment was a near-complete version which even has all of the in-game cinematics along with the voice over. Blizzard originally slated Warcraft: Lord of Clans for a 1997 release which was then put on hold for a year-ender slate in 1998.

However, the video game publisher nixed the whole campaign prior to the arrival of the E3 Expo in 1998. The cancellation was said due to unanticipated technical problems tied with communication limitations between Blizzard and the Russian animators at Animation Magic

An insider who worked for Blizzard during the time of the project was cited in the website that had the game arrived at a much earlier date - say three years earlier, it would have been a total hit.

The playable version is without doubt illegal and won't be in the internet for long but you can get additional tips on how to have it running smoothly if you check out Reddit user Schlafrok, as mentioned in PC Gamer.

In related news, Rob Pardo who had under his belt a 17-year career which includes being the lead designer for World of Warcraft, has publicized that he will have his own video game publishing company, as reported in the New York Times.

Bonfire Studios will be helmed by Pardo along with a few other gaming industry experts. However, this latest venture has not yet confirmed if they will be making titles for strictly PCs or venturing to mobile devices. 

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