Pokemon Go Update: Buddy Pokemon Is Out But Unavailable For Some Just Yet; Here's Why

Niantic Labs has finally released the 'Buddy Pokemon' update several days ago. However, some people found out that the said update it is not available in their area just yet. Based on the reports, players from other places had already posted several screenshots and videos of the new Buddy Pokemon patch on their game while others are still stuck at the latter version. At first, it was assumed that the posts are hoax. However, it was later discovered that the said update was exclusive for some area. Luckily it is just temporary and will come to other areas later.

According to Heavy, the recent scenario was similar to the previous 'Appraisal' feature update where a slight delay was also experienced by some of the players in different areas. It was reported that it will took several days for the update to arrive in their respective locations. In addition, it is highly expected to come officially today. On the other hand, several reports had been surfacing over the internet after a Reddit user posted a concern about not all players in their area received the update. Nonetheless, they are still hopeful that they will receive the update today.

Based on the reports from Otakukart, the latest Pokemon Go update is only available for those areas where the app first released while others will receive it around this week as it continues to migrate across the globe. It was observed that the latest Pokemon Go update including the future update tends to be released first on the eastern part of the world and will come to both middle and west parts on later days respectively.

It may be a little bit disappointing for some. However, it would be worth the wait considering the new feature will enable players to select their favorite Pokemon as buddy and will grant a free candy for a certain distance. In general, it is suggested to invest a little bit of patience as the update is still on the process.


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