'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 58 Recap: Zamasu Confronts Zuno; Gowasu To Be Poisoned In Episode 59?

By Van V. , Sep 12, 2016 06:25 AM EDT

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 58 just aired this week and fans are already gearing up for Episode 59. With that, speculations continue to arise as to what will happen next.

Take a look at what transpired in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 58 in the recap below.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 58 Recap

The episode kicks off with Zamasu confronting Zuno at Zuno's planet, forcing him to give details about the Super Dragon Balls he gave to Bulma. Zamasu is eager to know how to use them and is not interested in learning the history behind it.

Zamasu wants to utilize the Super Dragon Balls for his own intentions. Zuno revealed that he cannot use it now since Beerus used them recently to restore Universe 6's Earth. But Zamasu was insistent. He wanted to know the location of every Dragon Ball and everything about Goku.

Meanwhile, Bulma revived Goku, Vegeta and Trunks using senzu. However, she got mad at Goku for leaving the senzu bag back in the bathroom of Capsule Corp. Bulma then revealed that Gods are not immortal and that Zamasu only became one in the future.

On the other hand, Supreme Kai, Beerus and Whis learned about Zamasu's threat to Zuno which prompted them to land on Earth. Whis then revealed that Zamasu may have been intimidated after fighting Goku thus he wants to get a hold of the Super Dragon Ball to wish for a powerful ally and to bring his own form of justice to the universe.

Whis explains the possible connection between Zamasu and Black Goku. According to him, Zamasu might be the one who created Black Goku after summoning the Dragon. He also revealed that Zamasu must wait one year before he can summon the Dragon and asked for immortality. But with the help of the time ring, he could travel in the future and summon the dragon faster.

Towards the end of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 58, Whis theorized that Gowasu's life is in danger. Goku, Kaioshin, Beerus and Whis headed to Universe 10 to prevent something bad from happening.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 59: Goku To Protect Gowasu From Zamasu

The "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 59 trailer starts with Gowasu being served with tea by Zamasu. On the other hand, Goku is getting worried about the whole Gowasu-Zamasu situation and he feels the need to stop it. Then, Gowasu is seen dropping the glass of tea. It appears like he was poisoned by Zamasu. 

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 59 is set to air on Sept. 25.

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