Xiaomi Mi 5S Release Date, Specs And Feature: Review

The Xiaomi Mi5 came out earlier this year. Now Xiaomi is ready to come out with a new variant, which would be known as the Xiaomi Mi5S. Information about the Xiaomi Mi5S is still scarce, though its specs have already been leaked.

Xiaomi Mis5S Spec Leaks

GizmoChina has come out with the specs for the Xiaomi Mi5S after a Weibo user leaked them, as Digital Trends reports. The leaked specs hint at a Snapdragon 821 processor and 6 GB of RAM. Internal storage is said to be 256 GB and at the rear is a 16 MP camera. Display size is said to be 5.15 inches.

The camera is supposedly capable of recording 4k videos at 30fps. As of yet, there is no word on the specs of the front camera, though with the current Xiaomi Mi5 the front camera has 4 MP. Something of interest to note, however,  would be its large capacity internal storage. The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro edition has the largest storage capacity standing at 128 GB. The Xiaomi Mi5S will have double that storage capacity if the leak is accurate.

Xiaomi Mi5S Design & Features

According to GSM Arena the Xiaomi Mi5S' display would be QHD. The current Xiaomi Mi5 uses an IPS LCD screen by comparison. There are rumors that it will have a curved display, but so far this has not been confirmed. The current Xiaomi Mi5 also has dual SIM support. It is not clear if this will be true as well for the Xiaomi Mi5S, although it will most likely keep this feature.

As for the Xiaomi Mi5 battery, it stands at 3,490mAh. Furthermore, it is expected to have a fixed battery similar to that of the current Xiaomi Mi5.  Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi5 had Android Marshmallow as its OS. It's not yet certain if the Xiaomi Mi5S will have Android Marshmallow or will upgrade to Android Nougat.

As for its release, there are no details about it yet, though Digital Trends states that it's not likely to come out on the U.S. market. No price has been given as well. Overall, from the leaked specs, it seems to be an upgrade of the Xiaomi Mi 5. The specs provided though may not exactly be the same as mentioned in the leaks, as changes could still come before the smartphone's release.

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