Pokemon Go Buddy System Guide: How the Pokemon Buddy Works

Pokemon Go Buddy System has been implemented recently. However, many Pokemon Go players are still not familiar with how the Buddy System works.

Buddy Pokemon Finds Candies

In the Buddy Pokemon Go system, players choose a specific Pokemon that will accompany their avatar on the profile screen. The virtual buddy will look for candies that can be used for powering up or evolving. However, the Pokemon will not appear beside the avatar on the map. Instead, the Pokemon will stand by the avatar's icon and information screen.

Buddy Determines Type of Candy

The Pokemon Go Buddy System has determined the type of candy you are going to get based on the Buddy you have chosen. For example, Choosing a Squirtle or Wartortle will get players a candy just for them and not for other Pokemon types.

Select Buddy That Really Need the Candy

Choosing a buddy requires strategy and practicality. Players should choose a Pokemon Buddy that still needs to evolve or buff up. It will be a waste of the player's time to collect candy for a Pokemon that longer needs it.

How to Select Pokemon Buddy

- Go to the lower left side of the avatar photo screen and tap on it

- Tap to select Menu Option

- Tap to select Buddy Option which is located in the middle of Journal and Customize

- Select the Pokemon you want as Buddy by tapping it

Changing Pokemon Buddy

Players have the option of changing the Pokemon buddy anytime they want. Be warned however, that any progress with the old buddy will be removed once the switch is made. It is advisable to make the buddy switch once the Pokemon has found a candy.

To pick a new Pokemon Go Buddy, simply tap the arrow button located at the lower right side of the Buddy screen. Tap on the new Pokemon you want as Buddy. Tap "Yes" to the pop screen that will confirm the buddy switch.

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